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Cooperative Service for Accessing Documents


About SCAD

SCAD (Cooperative Service for Accessing Documents) is a collaborative service and facilitates access to full-text documents in the field of health science for exclusively academic and research purposes, strictly abiding the rules of copyright.

SCAD is a document delivery system of the Virtual Health Library (VHL), a non-profit, coordinated by BIREME and maintained by the cooperation of the VHL Network Cooperating Libraries.

SCAD is a paid service and it is available to libraries and information centers of the Latin American and Caribbean institutions, and individual users in Brazil.

Individual users non resident in Brazil can use the SCAD service through a VHL Network library in their countries.


SCAD - Cooperative Service for Accessing Documents
BIREME - PAHO - WHO - Latin-American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information
Rua Vergueiro, 1759 • CEP:04101-000 • São Paulo/SP • Brazil
Tel: +55 11 5576-9835 / 5576-9846