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Rules and Procedures

SCAD Rules and Procedures

Users and collaborators of SCAD Service must accept and abide, under its responsibility, the following terms and conditions:

  • SCAD works in accordance with the laws on the use and protection of Intellectual Property. SCAD is an exclusive service for academic and research purposes.
  • The SCAD does not guarantee 100% attendance of the requests. SCAD operates with the collaboration of a Library Network that shares their collections to meet the demands. Both users and libraries take under their responsibility, the commitment to strictly observe the Intellectual Property laws.
  • SCAD also has an agreement with the National Library of Medicine of the United States for requests whose documents were not found in collections of its Library Network.
  • The SCAD is available to registered users and libraries with active access code.
  • The user/library is responsible for the settlement of monthly bills stemming from his requests served by SCAD.
  • The user is responsible for his own registration and it should be done filling the appropriate online form. SCAD attributes a unique code for each registered user.
  • The SCAD price list considers each request as a charge unit. SCAD issues monthly bills to the users concerning requests fulfilled in the previous month.
  • BIREME may, without notice, block user access to SCAD, if convinced that any user or library is not complying with the terms and conditions of the Service or for non-payment.
  • BIREME may, without notice, interrupt or suspend SCAD service due to technical or operational problems.

Additional statements for for-profit institutions 

According the rules of the contract between CAPES and Scientific Publishers included in Periodicos CAPES Portal, the authorized libraries as users cannot attend requests from for-profit institutions through the electronic collections available in Periodicos CAPES Portal. In this condition are included laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and other institutions and companies.

Requests from for-profit institutions may be attended with other collections of SCAD Libraries Cooperating Network and / or related services, also strictly abiding the rules of copyright.


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